Using the SIN List in your marketing

ChemSec strongly encourages companies to make a commitment to phase out SIN List substances.

This commitment, along with mentioning of the SIN List, may be used verbally and/or in written documents, both for internal and external use, for example as the basis for a company’s chemicals management policy. This will send a clear message to investors, suppliers and customers that your company is serious about its chemicals management.

Additional benefits of SIN List adherence include automatic compliance with more or less every other chemical standard that is connected to the EU REACH legislation.

And, most important, substituting the chemicals on the SIN List is an efficient way to detox your products and production processes.

ChemSec does not allow the use of the SIN List logotype in any kind of marketing materials without explicitly asking for permission first. Contact for more information.


Can my company be SIN List verified?

Although the SIN List is a well-known chemical standard followed by many companies it is not an ecolabel or certification in itself. ChemSec advocates the use of safer chemicals globally, but does not carry out individual audits of companies to make sure they comply with the SIN List.

There are, however, a number of labelling and rating organisations that include the SIN List in their criteria, for example:

  • The Nordic Swan
  • Krav
  • Bra Miljöval
  • TCO Development
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index
  • And more…

In each of these cases, as in every other case, it is up to the individual organisations how they implement the SIN List in their criteria. Further questions are best directed towards them.