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“ChemSec’s SIN List of hazardous substances provides us with a relevant and robust overview of future substances of concern.”

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“Skanska supports ChemSec developments of the SIN List. It is a useful source of information to understand Substances of Very High Concern as part of our continuous improvement processes with selection of materials.”

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“The SIN list is a valuable tool that allow us to apply the precautionary principle in our chemical management towards safe products.”


The SIN (Substitute It Now!) List is a globally used database of chemicals likely to be banned or restricted in a near future, as we have selected them for fulfilling EU´s REACH ”Substances of Very High Concern” criteria.
The Textile Guide walks you through the process of chemical management from a textile industry perspective.
SINimilarity shows if a substance is structurally similar to a substance on the SIN List.
The SIN Producers List is the only searchable database of companies that are producing or importing the most hazardous chemicals in Europe and USA.
The Marketplace is a free-of-charge business to business website where buyers and sellers of alternatives to hazardous chemicals can interact.