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Avoid hazardous chemicals – use the SIN List

For thousands of users all over the world Chemsec’s SIN List is the tool, as well as an established standard, for identifying hazardous chemicals in different products and processes. Extended with additional relevant PFAS chemicals and improved functionality the SIN List now constitutes an even better starting point for substituting hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives.

SIN List helps you identify the most relevant PFAS to start substituting

PFAS is a large group of several thousands of similar compounds, all being very persistent and thus called “forever chemicals”. While all PFAS chemicals should be phased out, the SIN List identifies a relevant subset to start with. On the SIN List you now find all PFAS chemicals that are registered for being produced or imported to the EU or the USA.

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“ChemSec’s SIN List of hazardous substances provides us with a relevant and robust overview of future substances of concern.”

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“Skanska supports ChemSec developments of the SIN List. It is a useful source of information to understand Substances of Very High Concern as part of our continuous improvement processes with selection of materials.”

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“For us at H&M Group, the SIN list is an important tool to secure our progressive chemical agenda and ensure that we stay ahead of legislation.”

Don’t let hazardous chemicals ruin your product

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